Railroad Equipment

Interested in our equipment? The following are pictures of our equipment before the 2020 fire.  Most of what is shown below was either badly damaged or destroyed in the fire. A visioning process has been initiated to develop plans for the future of the railroad.

Pacific 1912 Under Repair - Stripped down for boiler replacement


PACIFIC 1913 under repair - New BOILER Installed


Pacific 1914


1500 Ready for restoration


502 Diesel Locomotive - 1/3 scale replica of a GE U25


Motor Car  


Starlight 103B Passenger Car  


Handicap accessible passenger car - Built by Cal poly students


Bottom Dump Ballast Car


Crane Car - Build by Cal Poly Faculty and Students 


Track Maintainer - Sweeper and Blower build by cal poly BioResources and Agricultural Engineering student


Work Car - This flat bed car is loaded with tools and equipment needed when volunteers are working down track.


Fire response car - In case of fire this car is called into service.  We also use this car to mount our hydraulic shovel which is used for maintenance of way.


For more information, please contact:
Swanton Pacific Railroad
College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93407



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