Preserve the History of Steam Locomotives

Giving to Swanton Pacific Railroad

Your generosity can help preserve history and ensure the trains continue to roll down the tracks of the Swanton Pacific Railroad. 

In partnering with those who embrace the vision Al Smith had for the Swanton Pacific Railroad, together we can preserve century old steam locomotives, rolling stock, and the infrastructure necessary to keep the trains rolling.  Gifts make it possible for us to continue to teach young people about steam power, give people the opportunity to enjoy Swanton Pacific Ranch while riding on trains pulled by 100 year old steam locomotives and increase student learning opportunities in engineering, construction management, manufacturing and other academic disciplines.

We welcome gifts of any size.  Unrestricted gifts will be used to help cover the cost of restoration, maintenance and operation of the railroad.  

Specific sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Replacement of 1914 locomotive boiler
  • Restoration of the 1500 steam locomotive 
  • Restoration of the last remaining Overfair Railway passenger car
  • Construction of a forge to compliment our existing shop capabilities
  • Purchase of a CNC lathe for our shop
  • Restoration of the Orchard Supply Caboose that was used as an office by Al Smith

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Our Mission

To restore and maintain the locomotives, rolling stock and railroad right of way to allow students and the public to learn about the history of steam locomotives and to experience steam powered transportation.  

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For more information, please contact:
Swanton Pacific Railroad
College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

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